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Music Lessons

Chris Friesen is a multi-instrumentalist from Molalla Oregon whose passion is helping people cultivate their creativity.  He’s collected musical skills through international touring and seven years of formal education in the realms of jazz, classical, world and pop.  Chris’ approach to music is faithful to the approach of learning a language, striving to get students fluent as quickly as possible.  


With over a decade of coaching experience Christopher formulates lessons based upon the individual student’s goals.  With involvement in educating special needs individuals Christopher has began the study of music therapy.  Private and small group sessions are both available.  Lessons can encompass a broad scope from basic technique, improvisation, song writing and arranging, to genre specific style and feel, music theory, reading, and ear training. 


Instruments taught: Piano | Guitar | Voice | Bass Guitar & Upright Bass

Available Lessons

Get ready to groove with personalized bass guitar lessons from an experienced instructor. Whether you're just starting with the bass guitar or looking to take your skills to the next level, I can help you achieve your musical goals. My lessons cover a variety of styles including pop, rock, jazz, and more, and are tailored to your individual needs and interests. I also offer lessons on the upright bass for those interested in exploring this classic instrument. Let's get those bass strings humming and make some music!



My books are currently full, so I am not accepting new clients. You can file an application to get on my waitlist. Thank you for your interest.

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5 Star Reviews

“Chris has been giving my daughter guitar lessons for a couple of months now. He is a natural at teaching. He is very patient and good at explaining things to her. She looks forward to her lessons every week. So glad we found Chris.”

  • Renee M


"Chris Friesen helped me so much with learning guitar! He is a very talented artist and I highly recommend him to anyone interested!”

  • Grace J.


“Chris has instructed me in theory, sight reading and more. His joy of music is infectious. His patience with me during the process of my understanding our endeavors was the best. He could find another angle to explain things so that I could grasp things...which makes a difference. He also gave me many ideas of study aids outside of his teachings that have been most beneficial in my learning. Via phone apps, webpages and tutorial videos. Always pointing out the best stuff he has sifted thru. He has been a big part of my musical development. And is a very kind person to boot. I hope you get a chance to get some insight on your musical development from him as I have.”

  • Ebon B.


"Working with Chris was absolutely wonderful! I do musical theater and am not yet at the point where I can sight read music or play the piano. I got in contact with Chris asking for help to prepare for an upcoming audition and he not only was more than willing and happy to do so, but came overly prepared to help me. He was very patient and informative, and every time I was getting a little discouraged or self conscious about what I personally was doing, he kept things uplifted, positive, and encouraging. 
Never once did I feel judged, but rather motivated by him. I left the couple sessions that I had with him, more confident and comfortable with my vocal abilities than ever before! 
I would highly recommend him to anyone and everyone and I fully intend on seeking him out for my future projects!"

  • Heather O.


“Very informative, motivating, and understanding of musical skill. Wish I still lived close enough to get lessons.”

  • Matt G.




“Inspiring, absolutely a great time whenever I'm learning. The teachings are incredible and cannot be more personalized to exactly what I want to learn. If you have not had lessons on anything before, having a mentor like this to help you in every way and teach you everything you need to know from beginning to end is definitely the right choice. Chris is a wonderful mentor and a great person to have around. Definitely an outstanding review.”

  • McKay E.



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