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2021 Jarrod Lawson “Be The Change” EU Tour

Hey there Everyone,

We're one concert deep into this tour. As I write this I'm waking up to a cup of coffee after a late night in Milton Keynes. I've got a day off before we drive up to Leeds. Overall, spirits are cautious but high. As promised, I've started compiling videos of this trip. Below is a link to the playlist on my google account. Thus far there are three videos, one from the first concert, one depicting some of the travel, and another dedicated to my traveling inventory (which is very dry). Please check them out and subscribe if you enjoy the content. Share them with your kiddos, because ultimately I'm hoping to provide a fun and educational sabbatical.

Thanks y’all for your support. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated. Let me know what works, or what doesn't. I'll get better at this VLogging as we go. Take care and I’ll chat with you soon.


Thank you for your time, Christopher Friesen

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