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Travel Thoughts

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

I’m currently in the van with Sasha and the band on the way from Manchester to Henford Germany. We’re expecting a 12 hour day of travel from 8 to 8. I’m looking forward to the ferry ride as it brings Hesse’s Sidhartha to mind and a stretch to my body. I haven't felt like I had the focus to paint a picture with words yet. I would benefit from taking more time to sketch with my native tongue. So, thank you for the motivation to articulate these events with a method outside typical documentation.

The tour life is a strange experience in the way that it realizes time. There are the massive spans of freedom that allow you to pursue your interests, whether it be self care, work or anything else that calls your attention. Then there are segments like this one. Large swaths of time dedicated to commuting. Traveling without moving as Jamiroquai would say. (if you haven't heard them, their catalogue is a fantastic example of dystopian disco.)

The other variety of agenda is densely packed with shorter distances between daily shows and less sleep. That drunken delirium via sleep deprivation reminds me of the balancing act of bicycles. I could find myself easily opened or closed socially by the stance of my mental state, and it's best to keep moving. That said, it can be really good for the music. We’re on the cusp of that territory.

This trip developed kindly. We started off with generous amounts of free time in a region that looked and sounded like home. It encouraged a routine, which I found inviting and rewarding. As we traverse across trickier grounds, all of our stamina will be tested. I'm so grateful to have allegiances with this type of company. Their curiosity, honesty and openness inspire trust and a sensation of tribe.

The intoxication that comes from these doses of vulnerability glows. This drought of performing must resemble the feeling an amphibian has when finding a mellow stream after summer’s drought. It is also like the desert in its vastness and lessons. Being amidst siblings who provide broad examples of strengths and approaches takes the edge away and is supportive. Just like a mountain, touring may dispute your level of experience and preparedness. Even if you have an abundance of those, without a solid team it can be a miserable journey.

These experiences feel similar to outdoor excursions in several ways. Even down to the challenge of an ideal diet despite frequenting “civilization.”. Exploring, but with music and magick to scatter throughout this small corner of existence. The fusion of art and expedition is a massive portion of what I find so addicting about these opportunities. A chain of objectives centered around the expressions of heart. To stay healthy and be sustainable takes a skill tree I am happy to nurture.

While this musical adventure pushes into the future, I can't help but think 8 hours into the past. Back home my community and family are rooted in their paths and on their way to the seasonal festivities of harvest amidst the shifting colors of the flora. The expanse between my position and my established norm form a gravity tugging across emotional space.

While gazing into reflections I can see the people in my life as a forest. Some provide food, others shade or shelter from the exposure. A web of synergistic relations exchanging information and nutrients all while growing together. This would be so much more brutal and intimidating without the support of everyone I know. I am so very thankful for all of you and each of your contributions to my world. Thank you for your thoughts and your time. I look forward to returning home and seeing all of you again. Take care and be well.



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